This field of my home page is dedicated every other human being not indeed occupy that directly with the tiger but in general make itself earned around animals yet. Unity division occurred into this category because no other one applied my categories has. However, the linked pages are just as informative and valuable as it is referred all others for page to that. (legal: see Disclaimer)

1 Markus Kappeler - Zoologe
Markus Kappeler is a freelance zoologist who also presents his publications on his Internet page. As you at the URL of his page can recognize he lives in Switzerland, however, is nearly always at investigation travel in the whole world on the way. He has many text written, that also occupy itself in addition to the large cats or with many other animals, too. His texts could be seen on very much Web sites.
2 is one of the most known German search engines in the World Wide Web. Each can not only register his home page there during clever look-ups but also via a multisubmitters, register it at many other search engines. The only return service is to be let it set a link to the page and let this for six months onLine.
3 animal protection once different
Petra: I dedicated this page to the animals without a lobby, the domestic cattle, zoo- and circus animals. Our animal love must not end in our living rooms. GAT

Akt.Rang: is a link collection, in my case, of TOP50 animal(-friend)pages. Each accrete to the above links raise my placement in this list. If seen, I would not be non-thankful for a couple of clicks:).
In addition to the award program, it still are poems to detect quotations and much other stuff. This page is always a visit worth. Therefore hold you for itself, otherwise, you are the last one which knows this page.
"Game animal circus - the truth behind" - the title already states everything. Go to that page if you want to know how your favorite animal is treated behind the sceneries of some circuses.
A virtual safari through the most known national parks of Tanzania. Photographs of lions, cheetahs, giraffes, elephants and so on. To every animal and a warrant of apprehension and current reports for the situation of the endangered animal species in eastern Africa. And: A travelogue for those, which would like to visit this beautiful country themselfs - virtual or in reality.
A page via cats and animal protection. The page busier itself with the smaller ones among the cats, however, a fan of large cats is also sight worth there. Too topic animal protection is appreciated on this page. Each which have pleasure should see this pages :).
This search machine dedicates exclusively animal protective pages. There you can find very much interesting links to pages, by which a longer visit could be profitable. The search machine is simple and well scheduled and in such a way, facilitates look-up according to animal protective topics. The offer of links is very good, too.
10 Goldentigress
The page of Goldentigress is still in origin according to own information. Tiger topics more and more are now little by little added why the page perhaps becomes offset in future to my big cat links :). however, the page is also until then a visit worth.
11 TOP100 tigersites
This is a link list in that the TOP100 tiger pages evaluate. It is an English link list. Each accrete to the upper link might raise my list-position in this list. Therefore, accrete industriously:)
12 Azyura's Waterfalls
Azyuras Waterfalls - a small world, in which there is to see much,.... whether wolves, role-playing or interests of the webmistress - all finds its place here :).

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