Again and again, people join to make the right thing. They help animals and the nature by focusing their separate strengths in groups. This page should be used for giving you an overview over these organizations and it should show which you can help organizations and which were serious. However, there are even many other good organizations, that I could not yet list here unfortunately! (legal: see Disclaimer)

1 For Animals

For Animals is an animal protection organisation which is settle in the Austrian Graz. Through this organisation miscellaneous demands became pushed through which were important for the situation of many animals in Austria. I admittedly don't know much about the organisation, however, I got contact with them over the above shown flyer.

In any case, the page is one and several visits worth. There are always new and interessting informations. Today it is very important that you know whom you can support without wasting your money.

2 Tigris Foundation

Infiormation site of the Tigris Foundation Tigris is a member of ALTA (Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance). ALTA is an initiative of a number of Russian and western conservation organisations that have been co-operating for many years in the Russian Far East.

Although I don't yet know the Tigris Foundation very long, they occupy themselves with something, which I care very much to the heart. They protect Russia's big carnivores directly on the spot and without excessive administration appliance or bureaucracy.

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