There are not very many occasions, for usual, and places at which someone can observe an living tiger. Someone must look up on a zoological garden, go to a tiger ranch or also visit a safari park. This page in full to this serve to give a view of these possibilities to you. However, there are still many other good furnishings which I could enter here unfortunately not yet! (legal: see Disclaimer)

1 Riverglentigers

Riverglen Tigers is a private sanctuary in the USA, it was founded in 1986 at Arkansas from Betty Young by the impulse of the state. Then came up a small tiger to her. More than 60 tigers live there today. They come from private persons, zoos and other places. Tigers that were also borne there are transferred no more although zoos show great interest.

The area on that the tigers live is very beautiful and also large. Many different tiger kinds live there. Tigers like bengal tigers and amur tigers as far as whities or even a tabby. It is one of few paradises for tigers those are there in the USA, therefore it´s a little especially. I am sure that the tigers feel well there and were loved.

If somebody makes a visit in the USA near Riverglen, I suggest him warmest to go to Riverglen. You can not come of course there simply as you want. A tidy visit should already first become arranged. But it is certainly profitable:).

2 Raubkatzenasyl

The Ansbacher wild cats asylum is one of few arrangements in Germany from office ways confiscated wild animals takes and till end of life here supplies and to them a place to life gives. How the name says wild cats take already care the Ansbacher rum like tiger, earlier also lions, leopards, Jaguars and cougars - also an ocelot in, besides:).

If you have the cats more about the association, or above the enclosures in those, want to know, then you should have a look at the pages. At the moment one is more natural surroundings trouble to work and to plan new big enclosures, unfortunately, there is not like always enough money. But it goes well to the cats there and also the care is very well.

Seven tigers her there live are the fauchi Pamir, Shir Khan and his sweet Leila, the dear white mouse Nina, the sometimes clumsy Tutti as well as both delicate ladies Rhani and Carmen. Although my color does not know is have I, nevertheless, the white mouse really - am ne dear tigreses, much rather with a rubbish would like to growl than :).

You find the histories(stories) to the separate animals and other information all on the homepage of the wild cats asylum. Therefore this page is worth anyway a visit (and more)!!

3/ Tiger Creek / Tyler Texas

Tigercreek is one of the American rallying stations around the big cats trouble. There a good place is offered to the tigers to recover itself from the suffered strains. Many times they are bought as no puppies and then are thrown away like rubbish. Therefore we can owe all only God whom it people their whole force put in the help to these animals.

The financing for such a place is very difficult naturally. Therefore one can also visit the tigers in Tyler, against a small admission fee that naturally to the cats comes too good. I think one can recognize on the picture at the top very well how probably the small tigers feel there.

It would be to be seen anyway a good idea by an America visit there once past. Tigercreek a very beautiful place is for all animals which were taken in the course of the years there. I am sure that it to them there virtually only possibly goes. Who would like once the homepage can have a look, it is worthwhile.

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