This area of my home page is dedicated to all other people, that also as I attempt to describe the being of the big cats of the world. It is regardless upper band these people a passion for tiger or other cottages like lion, leopard, panthers, cheetah, jaguar, cougar or "normal" house cats, too. Important is only, that these people attempt with every strength for the survival of these wonderful full animals. For this reason I would like to refer to the viewpoint of private persons, that make themselfs astrong for this topic, in my opinion. (legal: see Disclaimer)

1 Der Tigerfreund - a page for people
On this page, you always find current information about the situation of tigers in the free hunting ground, in the circus or zoo, as well as information about politics and the protection the operated for the tiger or against the tiger is. The tiger friend hots up the pace no value on it everything gloss over but recites straight ones out what he thinks out - a quality the many people unfortunately got lost!
2 Kidogo's BigCats
Kidogo is occupied with all large cats. He is a passionate advocate of the rights of the large cats. You can find scientific information about anatomy and behavior in addition to admire a lot of beautiful picture there. If you read the page through you will certainly be striking that cheetahs are Kidogo's special darlings.
3 Big_Mama's Home
Big_Mama's Home is also a page which is occupied with many large cats. You can notice various information about themselves there. There are also of course some pictures to gaze in wonder. Big Mama "Danie" is already longer in the "business" than I and accordingly, what suppresses themselves again and again at the contents of the page also has more contacts.
4 Carnilobo's Den
You also find much information about the large cats of the planet earth here. However, you also find information about many other carnivores as wolves. In addition to numerous information, there are also many beautiful pictures which you can visit. There are besides many background information.
5 Gepardenland
How easily one can recognize by the title of these pages dedicate itself this page of the least one of the five large cats: the cheetahs. Scientific information about the cheetahs in addition to many very much personal position increased to find here, which one the deep involvement via the worldwide situation of the cheetahs bring to the expression.
6 Spannky's Katzenseite
On Spannky's page you find in addition to information over the wild cousins of our house cats too numerous information about other animals and dolphins, wolves and many many more. It is also a video gallery available which also contains pictures of domestic animals. Information is cared carefully and ordered clearly.
7 Löwenfrau's Website
I sure, that everyone can thing off, what the favourite animal of the lion woman is. On this page, you find much information and pictures from the Afican "king of the animals". This page is also in English available language, what the German pages certainly not detrimental!!
8 Tigerwatch
If you are at look-up according to a further friend of the biggest cat of the world, you should not omit this page. You can also read texts on other large cats in addition to much information about the tiger. Information is prepared very well and presented clearly.
9 Alex's tigerpage
Alex has positioned on his page a pretty collection of tiger facts. Now and then, there are also an overwork of the design and other news. There are admittedly small building places (link on all other homepages *g*), but nevertheless this page is worth a visit.
A very interesting page for every lover of the big cats. They ought a visit on the page the "cheetahs" not omit. In addition to much high-quality information about cheetahs, you also find a lot worth knowing and more via other large cats and jaguar, leopard and many ones. Frank is also the founder of the German Big-Cats-Webring and for receptions into this liable.
11 Nala's Kreuzzug
All that my have seen Disney's masterpiece "the lionking", also know who Nala is. Something special on her page is, that she understands it to present the contents unconventionally. The contents of the page are wanted to have been built up extraordinarily, however, she it qualitatively valuable and very informal. You should under no circumstances omit this page!
12 Lukanias Katzenzone
Lukanias cat zone is a page that attended themselves too in full and completely to the cats. Although it no doubt honor around our "normal" room tigers goes and less around the large cats. Topics round as behavior and many other topics around the "best girlfriend" of the human being - the cat *g* - were responded.
13 Sirian's Homepage
Sirians home page is another piece of jewellery in my collection of large cat pages. Since she is a tigress and I am a tiger I especially happy about her page *g*. Her page is clearly formed and also very good designed. Also the one or other animation effect is profitable inserted. Rating: to be recommended!!!
14 Jamie Panther
To me and my pages do not have all entrance, only such beings those can see with the heart. If this is the case, then welcome on my a little specific panther pages of the Camargue.
15 Pat's Jaguare
Pat's page takes care of the biggest cat of prey of the American continent, the jaguar. Who wants to know, where they exists precisely, or their behavior and around protection and politics should see here at least once. In addition there might still unite beautiful poems and much more. Among the black jaguars you do not come too briefly.
16 Tiger Territory
This page offers many general information about tigers, but also partially very deep-going, is written. The page only is existed in English, but I think it nevertheless is worth one or more visits. You can also see some rare pictures of "black tigers" or lions there for example.
17 Big Cat Links
BigCatLinks, as the name already says, is a collection of big cat pages. A type of "classified directory" *g*. The page only is available in English at the moment, but you can write to the Webmaster German or French as well. Whoever looks for good pages with the topic bigcats should look there.
18 Cattys Tears
Cattys Tears is a private pages, which tries to express the fate of many animals in a special way. Beside an area with many quotations and examples of the sorrow under which many kinds of animal today suffer, you can also learn something about the author of the page. The best way to get an impression is to looks at all yourself.

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