There are not very many occasions, for usual, and places at which someone can observe an living tiger. Someone must look up on a zoological garden, go to a tiger ranch or also visit a safari park. This page in full to this serve to give a view of these possibilities to you. However, there are still many other good furnishings which I could enter here unfortunately not yet! (legal: see Disclaimer)

1 Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover

The zoological garden Hanover recently spent great sums in order to enlarge preserve, infrastructure and kind variety. The tigers that live at this zoo does not live in "simple" preserve but in the so-called indian jungle palace with other animals of this area.

Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to receive a plan of this palace - I still perhaps succeed with it by nearest summer. Equipped generously into this and conveniently preserves exist there two sibirian tigers by the name of Natascha and Kolja. Both the tigress and the tiger are three years old and have already guaranteed junior staff in Hanover. There daughter Sigena has already moved to Nuremberg and her brother will soon also move in order to also guarantee junior staff in a new zoo. The experience zoo Hanover of course also expects onto new tiger-babies.

I can only place a visit to the heart for you there and expect it that you enjoy your stay and can gaze in wonder at these wonderful animals for a long time (however be not too curious - *g*)!!!

2 Wilhelma Stuttgart

The zoological and botanical garden Wilhelma is one of the most remarkable zoos in Germany. The buildings were constructed in the 19th century in Moorish style. The botanical garden was put on from 1837 to 1853 as a summer seat Wilhelms I.. On this ground, not only the visitors but also the animals feel well.

The Wilhelma accommodates two sumatratigers at the time - a tiger and a tigress. The tiger comes from Lisbon and was borne there on 12.03.1998, consequently, he is three years old. His name is Tuan. Its partner was borne on 17.04.2000 in the zoo Duddley, is two years almost old today and learns to the name Dumai.

On the above preserve plan, the carnivore house of the Wilhelma with number 6 is marked. If you want to know, what conceals itself behind the other numbers, you should visit the Internet pages of the zoo or make an excursion immediately there.

3 Vienna Zoo - Tiergarten Schönbrunn

The zoological garden Schoenbrunn or too Vienna zoo lies Vienna at Austrian capital, how one can already recognize by the name. You can see the plants of the zoological garden itself on the picture mentioned below (accrete for enlarging). He is designed clearly and very beautifully.


The zoological garden Schoenbrunn at this time houses four amurtigers - a tiger and a tigress and twice feminine junior staff. The tiger comes from Leipzig and was borne there on 11.06.1993. I also receive existence name out *g*. Its partner also became borne on 13.05.1993 in Leipzig. Her name is Tanja. The two small tigresses were borne on 08.05.2000 - natural in Vienna - I still work here on the names, too.

According to the preserve plan there also live at least a white tiger or tigress in Vienna. However, I unfortunately obtained no information in this point. YES, no doubt, I did not ask. What should I say? ==> I work on it!

According to the preserve plan, the tigers are in Schoenbrunn in the preserve number 10. even if the zoological garden Schoenbrunn appears from the viewpoint of most Germans far away, is always he nevertheless a full visit worth.

4 Tiergarten Leipzig

The zoo Leipzig is confessed far over the boundaries of Germany and Europe. The zoological garden does not only have to owe this to his clear and modern organization but also that has to owe the fact that in the Leipziger zoo the international "tiger studbook" is led. Here is certain which tiger should assemble with which tigress in order to testify junior staff - and that worldwide.

Above see you representation of the outline of the zoological garden in Leipzig. At the time there have found four amurtigers there home. On 16.05.1992, Tommy was bore in the zoological garden Berlin. He achieves Conny, that was born on 30.03.1992 borne in Leipzig. Taiga (26.10.1997 from Moscow) and its tiger Mischa is a further pair (16.08.1998 from TP Hagenbeck). Rumors as a consequence is Taiga pregnant from Mischa and her first junior staff probable will be born in May 2002. *might look forward on it*

Numerous conversion works are at this time in Leipzig in the walk. Within the framework of the "Future Zoo", the zoological garden is altered intelligently and much more generously. Subdivision comes about into topics as Africa and Asia.

Every foresight according to, this modernization will have been completed in 2005. Everything in everything is the zoo Leipzig a full visit worth to each. Since he was always a well-known zoological garden too in the past and is today, you should always visit it once. Famous names as Bernhard Grzimek still underline this. ==> a visit promises a lot of pleasure and a great family fun....

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