t is to be formed a politics necessarily in order to guarantee survival of the biggest cats of the world, that every humanly possible undertakes this noble destination to bear account Unlike that I would like to occupy topic "protection" here with the milestones of politics. Although I milestone undoubtedly for the correct word choice hold are not to no doubt be understood all as positive as the word might imply.

From contemporary point of view, the 20th century a raven century for the tiger was. Another in the 19ten century gave it worldwide approx. 100.000 tigers that the forests India, Russia, roamed Indonesia and even Persia. The tiger was always respected and revered by the people existing there as rulers of the jungle. In many cultures, it was a holy animal which respect was had to be zollen correspondingly.

Nobody would have come to the idea to course a tiger. Itself that kill one tiger from self-defense, what been to former ones time very simple not would be allowed be, was in some cultures severe forbidden. It was to kill let honorably itself as the ruler of the jungle to hurt If a farmer then lost a cattle to a tiger, this was a much more bitter loss for the farmer than the case is today that (at least large-area). However, this loss was accepted since the people saw that the tiger must also course by itself.

The attitude of these people compared to the tiger did change up to now not a great deal. The people in the countries in which the tiger exists may have great respect for it and do not plan to operate an extermination hunt in mind. It was influence that so noxious for the tiger came from the colonial powers those controlled a big part of the circulation area of the tiger in the 19th century and wanted to make by itself economical purposes usable. I refer in the first place to the British colonial power. However, it would be much too briefly grasped to give alone debt to the Britons. The Indian superclass of the Rajas and of maharajas who had interest also large to trophies of the large cat also bears a big part of debt.

The relationship which had the local to the tigers was not followable for English. Whenever one spoke about the tiger, this was in a negative context. Stoppage would be an example because a tiger was in the region on hunt and the "workers" did not dare in the fields. I am sure of me too that fastidious evaluations were led in which province how many were torn by tigers for animals. No doubt, one came for the opinion after thorough analysis that it is not acceptable am- or other animals to "lose" the tiger.

This aspect is of course only a part of the mosaic. They bagged the innumerable "sport hunters" that from fun on some days of five or more tigers offered too her considerable part for the contemporary crucial situation of the tiger with. A regular hunt broke out to the tigers. The only destination of this detestable play was it to bag the biggest and most beautiful tiger in order to boast about his "service" in various "sport clubs". The sizes all per bagged for tiger were observed at the so-called one for "Rowland Wards records of Big Game" - an index in they wanted to immortalize for that itself many persons. This index was indeed employed too for scientific studies to the size and the emphasis of the tiger but this does not justify the mass murder which was organized.

In the of the 20th century last fourth the human being had created it the tiger population in order to reduce more than 95% a little The forest authorities estimate the number of the tigers at 1.800 animals around 1970. An immediate hunt prohibition was from the responsible governments only now distinctly. Three years according to the this hunt prohibition pronounced was, could be initiated in cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) the project tiger. Below screen domination the they were project tiger as first set up nine reservations in India, those should represent a protected living space of the tiger. This all only could come about, that the Indian government at full measure its relief guaranteed had. Above all a name did not ought in this connection &nth slain may be: Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi; The nearest heel should be dedicated to her.

Indira Gandhi was at the 19 borne in november 1917 in Aallahabad as a daughter from Jawaharlal Nehru, the first female prime minister of India. She was the official companion of her father in the case of state reasons since her mother had already passed away. They was employed too at her party and went into jail because of subversion for a 13 month long confinement to that she condemned a British court. Late after her father at the beginning of 1966 was, was she to the first prime minister India chosen. They kept this office to 1977th ways the reproach the democratic system to under emigrate exclaimed she 1977 new choices and lost the majority. Indira stepped then there for Gandhi back. During the choices in 1980 however, she succeeded with a remarkable comeback and she could build again to a majority. She was again prime minister of India in up to her death 1984. On October 31st, 1984, Indira was murdered by two members of its bodyguard for Gandhi. Although her reforms were always controversial, she added a decisive part to this that it could be started the project tiger so successful and extensive. Without that for saying of Indira Gandhi would not have the project tiger instead of may be able occur.

In numerous places, I have already referred tiger to the project and I would like to therefore still lose a couple of words for this purpose, however, you can still see "protection" for more information into the field. After a further estimate of forest authorities 1993, the existence of the tiger population amounted to 4.000 tigers. That represents approx. 60% of the worldwide tiger population dar. Today is estimated the total number the tiger worldwide at approx. 7.000 animals of which about 3.600 existing in India. Therefore, one can recognize that the situation of the tigers deteriorated in India again a little. However, some measure as that already became better protection of living spaces and enlargement of the reservations, taken into attack.

The situation of the sibirian tiger is considerably more crucial. After estimates of some well-known research institutes, the number of the sibirian tigers existing freely amounts to less than 300 animals. In 1996, one went out from about 500 animals. However, this number might result on engraving mistakes during the estimate itself. Wrong assumptions were completely taken as a basis. One comes currently from approx. 250 sibirian tiger. Tigers exist over 1.500 sibirian worldwide gardens zoological for arrangement, into that. Biologists found and geneticist having that as soon as the population of any animal species under 120 animals falls, no natural survive more possible is. The sibirian tiger look therefore immediately before extinction. Unless one immediately reaches and acts through, the zoo would be able to therefore be then only used for "Ark Noah" for the sibirian tiger.

For the other sub-kinds the tiger, perhaps with the exception of the sumatratigers, seems every aid to come too late amoytiger and the indochinese tiger will presumably soon still join the kinds javatiger, balitiger and kaspitiger become extinct already or also Corbetts tiger. It appears as as would be able to do one nothing more for these miracle full creatures even if one attempts every possible.

If the human being not immediately reacted and her responsibility compared to all animals on this planet über they set up shortsighted egoistic economic considerations, then will be able hardly to also survive the greatest tiger kind, the biggest cat of the world, the sibirian tiger the nearest decade. Similarly but not yet very as crucial, looks the situation the sumatratiger. He is at one time the only one that three island tiger kinds those survive up to now could. Also he is also dependent that his living space is maintained and is not changed into inferior farmland only in order to satisfy the greed of mankind Not only the human being is right to survive but also all other living beings.

It at this time appears like this than the Indian tiger would at this time be the only tiger kind, whose survive they to some extent appear secured. Without assistance of the Indian population, this "small" success would not have been possible. However, it must of course become set up that without the further relief of the affected nations, his it the Indians or the Russian population, can not also survive the tiger in future. For this reason, the western civilizations should make every possible for them straight in order to support these nations, stay the western countries to a good piece (or even alone) responsible for the awkwardly contemporary situation of all tigers worldwide are.

With this I would like sentences end my carrying out for the "political situation" of the tiger. You can look information about the protection of the tigers below the column "protection" up. If you at my personal comment to all these topic are interested, you can then read this by "my opinion". I expect to have represented all facts appropriately and correctly and if you have questions or annotation, then elegant me simple an email:

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