perated the tiger on the whole world in addition to the questions around the politics, questions also put of course themselves to protection. However, they almost agree identical, therefore, it can occasionally occur, that I me during some argumentations again hollow am. The protection of all large cats (all living beings) should be due every human being who wants to see in the morning into the mirror and would like to feel no debt to the heart. Many people want to be this regardless, but too these people have to accept, that every living being a right has to exist to defend right and this.

All large cat kinds only seem in reservations nowadays to be able to survive since the permanent loss to living space also represents a gigantic problem in addition to the poaching. Many experts even go out from that, that the living space loss will have by far more dramatic results, as the poaching. This wants to be opinion thing but one can not expel it from the hand. The human being converts jungle forests into plowing and building land. This country is not so valuably a tenth for nature as the jungle.

In addition to these direct influences which the human being causes, there are also climatic modifications. The pollution is straight in poorer areas a first stick problem. Although the people have respect for nature great in these countries mostly, it gives few powerful to persons, the the more ones on environmental destruction may earn and also direct for them responsibly are.

The last what is now still missing the reservations of the tiger would be a ruin from the inside here. With this mean I for example that at long drought periods the fire risk in the truest sense the word fire dangerous is. A forest fire is a natural regeneration aid of nature but in such a way, the human being drove the tiger into narrowness that even this else honor harmless and useful natural play a danger for that survival of an entire species represents.

The single area in that the protection of the tiger more than one noble promise is, appears to be India. Although the population of the Indian coat of arms animal took under more printing in the last years again, am firmly I the opinion, that the Indian nation willing is to be protected the tiger. It is not alone thing of the Indians to guarantee the protection of the tiger. We all have to account for the circle of friends with nature and there are this time no excuses. Each ought so good he can assist at the kind preservation of the tiger. Whether now a visit in an Indian national park or a donation to an auxiliary organization with that, the nonlocal people those force foreign currencies receive, that is at last regardless.

If one notices the contemporary existence numbers about themselves, one must have a weeping and a laughing eye. In arrangement to the beginning of the 20th century, the existence was reduced by 95%. In the reference to the 70th years of the same century has itself the existence around approx. recovered 20%. This is still no basis to the friends because the absolute numbers are still more than sad.

Without aid of a human being however, one would not even be able to identify this small success. The speech is of Ghandi Indira (more in the case of politics). The furnishings of nature conservation parks as the Kanhar national park, are they to be owed exclusively to her almost although one the people with its monies these parks today operate just as thankful would be supposed be. It gives reservations for the tiger and other numerous in India threatened kinds as the Kanha- or the Kaziranga national park. However, the Kanha national park is the most known national park with considerable safety since he is confessed specifically for his Bengal tigers. Other parks and the Manas-nationalparks on the boundary to Buthan are by far lesser known.

The protection in the Indian fields is guaranteed by so-called "parkranger". Too the Mahuds add a big part for the kind preservation. The Mahuds are elephant leader that roaming the national parks at daily patrols, search for tigers and ensure, that no only tiger falls to the sacrifice for a poacher. In the last years turned out these patrols as very efficient be for themselves. Too the project tiger provides today for the tiger protection however, very much approve these attempts compared to the services of the original time request remaining.

The commitment in the eastern circulation areas seems much more difficult than in the rest of the world. For this reason, the population of the amurtigers (sibirian tiger) is also by far smaller than still 50 years ago. Of the Russian state occurs in addition to few financial to turn, but indeed that expresses important political relief. Financed by donations guarantee so-called anti poacher gangs, in protective fields and Sichote-Alin, for "safety" the tiger. Above all in the winter, these gangs are without fail necessary, there the tigers now especially easy zu provide are, since the trails are to be pursued well for still as tall laymen in high snow also. But an only concentration to the poachers is grasped much too briefly. By increasing illegal wood cutting in the sibirian forests, more and more living space of the booty animals of the tiger is lost. If that pay the booty animals fall, then is it too increasingly heavy for the tigers survive and therefore are also lost the living space the tiger. Unfortunately, very great poverty is in this area of Russia there. To on are hardly the centers and Wladiwostok there there work and also in the large cities does not look it good. The income of some people is controlled by only 250 € per annum or included. For a killed tiger indeed receive these people only one fraction the value (around the 1.500 €), but this is mostly sufficient in order to feed the families over years. Too for helpers while the illegal cutting down, the thing behaves similarly.

These people exist under dreadful conditions but I am also of the opinion that this no charter for it is the creation to annihilate In addition to the definitions which give the laws to us transfers true to it too and a wrong which does not depend on the respective right system but from the conscience of every individual one. There are many tigers no more on earth. If the last tiger became killed, this species is lost, regardless one for always another hundred in labs clone would could. These wonderful animals are the same right to life and integrity as every human being and every other animal. They are in addition to the miracle full creatures the tigers, she might also have an endearing side that is always denied by many ones gladly. No tiger is adjusted hostile the human being opposite. It is the human being of that aggression going out. Some people only see themselves themselves again and again: WHAT DOES I WANT? HOW CAN I BECOME EVEN RICHER? I I I....

It is not yet too late for the tiger. Accentuation is on less than. It are already three sub-kinds the disappeared tigers for always from earth. As must as what in our power stands undertake, around that survive the other five kinds to guarantee Unfortunately, it seems too late for two further sub-kinds already but I am firmly convinced by it, that we create it may can both the Indian tiger that sibirian tigers protect and protect the sumatratiger too. We should not only do this for us herself but also should do for generations according to us. If the question is set up for me, one where might be able to gaze in wonder at tiger, I would like not have to refer and explain to the museum why we exterminated the biggest cat of the world. There are only two possible answers: Chinese & greed.

Yes. The Chinese with its traditional "medicine" are a product of imbecility. As can think a sensible living being that one receives the strength of a tiger if it one kill a tiger, its bone crushed and it then swallows. That is not only moved --> that is refusal, whisk and completely idiotic. I quite have respect from finding of old Chinese but unlike the old Chinese those always proceeded moderately, appear the Chinese of they today without regard for nature and the creation an overcropping too they operate.

It was still 30 years ago usual that the English kings during an India visit on tiger hunt proceeded. At least three new "bedside rugs" were had to be fired of course. That would be up to now so, if the spouse of the "Queen" prince Philip would not have detected the conservationist in hisself. A late finding, however better yet late than never!

It is the task of the future to prevent that the frightful states of the last millennium those brought the tiger to the edge of extinction are never again there - fondled it what it want. Protection of species is nothing above what one itself short with the afternoon coffee unfortunately, still maintains much too rarely existed, protection of species is a life attitude, which one is. Nobody needs to get up immediately and needs to run onto the street with posters. However, each can support the tiger. Or a donation from money or the intercession in the public. Tigers still have the image of a pitiless killer which kills everything and each which he sees. This opinion is possible so wrong as only. Tigers want to have a dark side like all living beings but if one plans a little bit for themselves, someone can play with a tiger just as well as can play and poke with a "normal" dun cat [house cat].

I would like conclude with a sentence of Bernhard Grzimek: "The Lord made the world for the human being. However not around to destroy his creation!".

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