tiger forum
In the forum, each can put askings around the topic cats of prey and receives answers as soon as possible. Each that has the pleasure is invited to join cordially.

At the visitors' book on Tiger-online.org each can kund his opinion about this page. Except for personal attacks or insults, nothing is extinguished from the visitors' book! I am glad if someone writes into my guestbook and so leaves a paw print. Who more concrete propositions for an improvement has however, should write this into the forum or send me a mail. For the case that somebody would like to report a mistake on the page he can write me an email of course!!!
All visitors of my home page and of the forum can chat here with each other. The same chat as in the forum. It is considering that a JavaApplet is used for chating here via IRC and Java must be activated therefore. There are perhaps problems in the case of firewalls but everything should progress without problems.
If it still gives open questions those were not answered on the home page, you can send his question to me. I will attempt to answer all questions as rapid as possible. If there are criticism or complaints send them immediately by mail to me: mail.
All visitors of Tiger-online.org can subscribe for itself here a corresponding newsletter. I will give me trouble regular to send newsletters. You can turn directly to me in the case of questions or wishes. The email address is: newsletter@tiger-online.org
Who also would like to send a tiger-like greeting to his friends once, that can this here. You can send as many greeting cards here as you want. Please don't heap somebody with that cards *g*. If you have questions or stimulation then write me simply an email: mail@tiger-online.org
my private corner
Who wants to find out more over my person that can notice my private home page. This home page is indeed below my private home page on my web space, there yet no direct combination exists. However, each can use the subsequent link easily to get on my private home page.
Send a lot of fun & everyone that send me a mail, how he like my private home page, I would be not angry !!!!!
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