the hearing


In addition to sight, hearing is also a very important component in the case of total orientation. The tiger is to be concentrated able as all cats to move the ears independent from each other and itself consequently simultaneous onto several noises.

The capability also supports a passive sonar orientation and/or the exact recognize for the direction from that a noise came. The spectrum observed cover sounds both parts the ultra reverberate- and the sound field registerable from people off. There are deficits merely in the infrasound field. Scientists speaks generally that cats perceive sounds those lie in the field between 60 and 57.000 hertz can. This is a declaration cats why mostly reacting better to feminine ones als masculine voices (!?!).

However, the tiger uses its ears as a communication media not only for learning but also via mimicry, this only incidentally noticed. It must they will still give explicit to record, that hearing of the tiger better around some than that of a human being and also that of the dog held over is.

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