the senses of smell


The sense of smell will not in general mean as as as the other senses classified. The prevailing opinion on this subject implies the subordinate importance of sense of smell at the hunt. If one considers social aspects and in particular the reproduction, odour sense is no more to be thought.

In connection with sexuality with it comes for large cats too for a phenomenon which become mentioned "flehming". It sells themselves here around a kind the back withdraw the lips in order to make it possible for the fragrance molecules one to achieve specific organ This, Jacobson'sches mentioned organ, organ is suitable in particular for detecting the status of the vis-a-vis, e.g. can find the tiger so exact upper band a tigress currently conception ready is and also other things relevant in this connection.

To what extent this sense, e. g. at the hunt, are now used and precise for what appears different from cat kind from cat kind to a. In such a way, one confesses of house cats that they a union ready partner over increase hundred meters may be able smell and also smelling at the hunt a higher importance has.

In the case of an arrangement with sense of smell of a dog, the cats are subject. However, it of course ought to superiority of this sense of the tiger, (representative for all cats & dogs) opposite that of the human being, be referred explicitly once again.