the gustation


_sense combined with sense of smell narrowly is gustation. That the tongue in this connection is be considered should of course be. The taste recognition of the tiger is optimized very strongly to rate since this tears the food with his teeth "nur" and does not chew it for a long time it. Therefore, the hold up time of the food in the mouth is not high enough, relatively slow as the one in arrangement analysis like with the human being would be able be carried out.

Although the tongue with very much taste buds/-rezeptors, that also papillae mention, is equipped, finds the primary taste verification on the papillae of the front field of the tongue equip. Here is an analysis of distinction of salty, bitterly or angrily carried out.

The papillae of the tongue in part have a share for a long time up to 5mm barb with those of the tigers the bones practical can scrape off (a quality of the tongue of all cats, however 5mm is of course only meant for the tiger). The human being designates won meat as a separator meat in such way.

A crucial annotation: Nobody has preserved of a tiger per an answer what he tastes as where. I would be able to indeed still transcribe what the human being tastes, whether however that might add on subject would be is questionable. This is one of the quarrel points of science again and each that maintain the only and true solution to would be supposed know itself at the nose take!

That main the examination of the taste that genius edibility carried out the food because of is would be allowed to be clear. Nobody, whether human being or tiger, would like final eat spoiled food.

The taste composition as a whole however, is no single service of the tongue but a combination of analysis of odour, the temperature, the surface finish and other components. One would be able to understand the taste as a virtual product of the brain.