the sight


Although many living beings have the identical senses, all following statements refer exclusively to the tiger if nothing is said differently to this. I would like beginning with the presumably most important sense (opinion of the author), the sight.

The most important aspect, for a hunter, might be allowed to be estimating distances. One distinguishes in science between two systems, the mono eyepiece and the biokularen (or binocular) system. With first is meant the independence of both eyes from each other. Here results a large visual field that allowed up to 342° panoramas, as next to the chameleon. Therefore, this way of sight would be suitable for animals which must rely often on attacks on itself. Since the tiger with probability bordering on safety needs not fear this, this principle was not chosen by nature for him. Through the frontal order of the eyes indeed becomes the field of sight on bowling panoramas of approx. limited 200° but this is from the advantages showing itself more than evenned out. The tiger can 3-dimensionally, as all large cats (biokular) see, eyes into the same direction there both with it may show and therefore a sufficient overlapping of the optic axes guaranteed is.

However, this is not the only aspect. One also must the movement apparatus of the eyes and the ability of the brain to be able to incorporate these information, above all the "Lobi optici", may consider. Since I would not like to deal in more detail with these facts, I only say for this that all assumptions are filled next to the tiger. It would also be rather impractical if a carnivore would be able to estimate the distance between itself and its would be able not to estimate booty. The seeing apparatus of the tiger functions in a included manner similar to that of all mammals, the human ones. I would like to however still mention a curiosity in this connection. It occasionally happens that a tiger has a blue iris (what that still brings with itself his here not important). It is the animal in excited state as this is the case immediately before e.g. a attack so alters itself the color of the iris again into that confessed yellow – a possibly useful indicator.

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