tactile sense


he entire body of the tiger is natural (!!!!) sensible for groping events. As one can present easy for itself also, all body areas are not equally prone to such charms. At the following, I distinguish between global and local charms.

This distinction refers to the different instruments of the charm consumption. In plain text are included in a meant manner with global charms they that via "normal" skin hairs and/or body places may become, lastingly such with local charms meant are, that over specializes groping hairs or rezeptors be included. These specialized groping hairs are designated by zoology as vibrisses also whirring hairs mentioned or.

This vibrisses, that in addition to by the nose still at other make as eyes occur over that are especially useful in the case of darkness to the feel from subjects. Since such subjects are mostly sampled too with the paws, zones are also there with raised sensitiveness compared to groping charms.

Similar as the less relatives of the tiger ""stroked"" this also gladly for body places on which he would like be and other make at which this no big one was would find.