a small physical excursion

Around to explain at what I aim with this is a small excursion into physics advised. Around certain circumstances in physical ones system to explained of the physicist the so-called impulse of a body introduced. The impulse computes itself as a product from mass and rate p = É = m * V. the É is another spelling for the impulse p. aller those have a good knowledge of physics is confessed the symbol É as a symbol for vigour and the point a spelling for the first derivation. Consequently, the impulse is the first derivation of the kinetic vigour of a body.

A circle of friends linguistic term for the impulse is impact, in sense of with impact look up. Therefore, a tiger which weighs 300 kg and 50 k.p.h become rapid during attack has a physical impulse of 4167 nss (newton seconds). For all the they can begin with this information nothing be said, that this for instance corresponds to that if a stone from 9,83 m 300 kg heavy falls onto the ground (around to this result, come must form one for something or go via kinetic vigour). However now back on subject. back

Neck bite or not?

Is not the booty with these averages with to may arrive, the tiger then solves the neck bite and applies for a new attack with that then the throat bite is used. This is mostly the case next to young tigers since an finding out tiger estimates booty well before attack and by means of its empirical values decides directly for an attack with the throat bite. back

Bleed to death?

f one itself on eyes performs the arteries very important in necking (brain aorta) probability, that one of these Aorten is shredded in the case of a throat bite, is run on relatively narrow room very large. Humanized a little one of luck of booty would be able to speak in a out of gear manner, if be unsuccessful after one attack of a tiger, with the the throat bite for use died, no one of the arteries hurt was come and booty possibly with terror (under v. a. with life) of it is. back

© 2001 by Marc "Shir Khan" Meiner