(Examples, cannibalism, further strategies, a.m.m)


fter the end of the anatomical description of the tiger, I am now occupied with its habits. I also place special attention to its social behavior (hygiene, propagation and so forth) in addition to hunt behavior. I begin with hunt behavior of the tiger in accordance with the enumeration.

The tiger is no hunting hunter towards the common opinion. This means that the tiger only pursues its booty on short routes and before it too much breaks off used at the hunt he vigour these dearer, truly that the next occasion already come up. Should not just prevail will encounter more often one this principle, next to the tiger, than one thinks. In such a way, a frequent strategy is the hunt for example at the waterhole. In this case, the tiger lurks in the high grass around the potions and waits for a potential booty animal bringing itself closer.

The tiger creeps generally to a booty so near as possible in order to be able to achieve she with few sentences (jumps). The distance with the the final attack mostly lies in a occurred manner in a field of ten to thirty-five meters to booty (one also finds deviations natural here). The attack itself comes about flash kind and with great accuracy. It happens often that the tiger drives its booty into a water puncture and then waits as long until the booty has drowned. In spite of whose, every twentieth attack is only crowned by success, there the booty animal advanced of course more than one strategy decree around too board intern the death.

One should at this point still refer to a further circumstance which is evaluated for the benefit of the tiger. I am rather secure that everyone can introduce themselves as the tiger can kill with a bite or a paw blow his booty to ground however, is that not needed. The tiger is a solid animal which can achieve body emphasis via 300 kg (as mentioned already). Although the tiger is no pronounced jumper since his anatomical proportions are relatively unsuitable for it, mostly satisfy few jumps around a booty animal to achieve. That is however by no means small jumps but much more jumps that passing can up to ten meters far. One of six meters can talk on the average. To this topic is under "skills > jump" comes more at the tiger library and therefore, this information might for the time being ask as to accept.

The tiger pounces on booty with its whole strength/impact and this almost suffices around the booty animal always to knock over or to even burst directly the neck. Since the tiger attacks the necking with penchant (it is also understandable), not the body, is one neck break during booty, alone through impact of attack, not rare to find. Should have survived the booty animal apply the tiger, from case to case (booty for booty) different, the known throat or neck bites at.

I consider it at this point for important to kinds mentioned to the straight one kill tiger with which come in. As first is to be stated here said neck bite, that also a long role alludes, with that I will deal while the social behavior (propagation). The enormous biting strength mentioned already that of the tigers developed in connection with Caninae long up to 9cm, represent the main components in the case of the neck bite. In this case, the tiger attacks from the back and activates its booty in the direction of necks. The withers height of booty plays with it one subordinate roll, there a tiger e.g. easily can jump an elephant onto the back. Normally pierce the Caninae without big resistance neck musculature and completely separated ones in addition to the cervical vertebras then that spinal cord what almost leads at the moment to death. It is to however be enjoyed almost at the moment with caution. According to that through separation the spinal cord still can one mostly from time to time recognize jerking lasting for minutes next to the booty animal. However, this is (!!) in most cases only a reflex of the autonomous nervous system and uncontrolled closure light of the spinal cord, that is reflexes. Next to some booty animals as bears also must a strong tiger sometimes several times zu bite (mostly only next to strong bears) before he burst the neck of the bear.

This way of attack has a second very important part. As soon as booty is observed with the teeth, and the death has not yet entered through it (e.g. in the case of Bubalus arnee), the tiger takes the head of the booty with its paws. With its paws, the tiger now moves strongly and abruptly the head of its booty in any directions. These strong movements and the enormous torsional forces performing in this case often immediately burst booty for one either or according to a pair jerk the neck or at least favor the neck bite in its efficiency. --> neck bite or not?

Without closer via the throat bite to know commands logic the that both from below and frontal must occur. After the tiger is in a suitable position for attack hit he frontal and in something bent situation at booty. It should succeed to pack booty at the throat, so bite so hard the tiger he can to. Investigations on animals killed in such a way brought surprising results. The animals did not die of oxygen stomachs, in such a way, brought the blood analysis. Probable loses the animal through that to push the arteries consciousness and bled then. The throat bite will receive as long erectly to the respective booty animal (buffalo, bison and so forth) unconscious is. Should succeed it the catch itself yet again to free occurred either a second attack or the tiger follows the wounded animal (the catch) as long as it bleeds to death since a throat bite results in nevertheless mostly difficult loss of blood. Bleed to death?

In connection with hunt behavior should also become addressed some other details. The first point refers to the effort of the paws at the hunt because although the tiger has exceptional strength in its paws, he does not nevertheless use this. These are inserted merely for fixing specific parts of the body during the fight with booty. The paws are indeed inserted for crushing the neck during great booty as described above, however, are in total only used passively. If it should act around a less booty animal, the tiger slays and/or crushes its booty too occasionally.

A further point refers to how the tiger get closer to the booty. The tiger considers very precisely this differently than the lion which takes no regard for the wind direction at the best hunt. Therefore, the tiger attacks its booty, whenever it is possible, against the wind direction so that booty can not scent the assailant (to mention actual unnecessarily). After one now demonstrated, as the tiger of a booty to bodies moves is it to only go logic with the eating habits.

After the crack, a tiger begins goingly with the consumption of its catch for usual. Exceptions to this scheme partially have their roots in state of the environment. In such a way, e.g. scribe the tiger a booty in a swampy field drags along he this in most cases to another place or to its dwelling (if these near is) around her there to eat. The tiger drags its booty not away but bears her. So is they would overflow a case of Z. Veselovský, with that a tiger bagged a buffalo 800 to 900 kg heavy in a swamp and connect 150m far, over a steep slope, to a dry place would drag along. This is a further impressing example for those of strength, of in particular necking musculature, of a tiger. Further you can find such examples among "pure power" on the start page.

The meal itself mainly passes after the same model. One begins with consumption either at the thighs, the stomach or the breast. Head and longer bones only remain back. Next to relatively small booty animals as dogs (e.g. game dogs) do remain at all no choice. As insertion is another a reference to the bones that staying behind too employed. These bones are completely mostly clean, therefore, have no one still as small shred meat more. This state is to be traced back to a quality of the tongue of the tiger. The papillae of the tongue in part have a share for a long time up to 5mm barb with those of the tigers the bones practical can scrape off (a quality of the tongue of all cats, however 5mm is of course only meant for the tiger). The human being designates won meat as a separator meat in such way.

Should not be the tiger able its booty at the same time too devour as lead-containing the tiger eats completely for so long at the food place until booty is. This can sometimes last up to 10 days. One should perhaps still mention that a hungry tiger eats up to 40 kg of meat with a meal, depending on sub-kind. On average, one however speaks of approx. 8 kg of meat per day where a tiger does not have every day of hunt luck and does not include every day of food therefore. A tiger mostly very much drinks a lot of water while the food or if no water place is near (honor unusually) after this and/or. acted the blood of the booty as a liquid source. In zoological gardens is sometimes given the tiger purposeful instead of water to drink blood, all the more the tigers on natural wise required nutrients and minerals may lead.

It hits each that in the jungle so onto a food place, on that another some residue of booty are, should be on the guard since the successful hunter is somewhere with high probability in the environment on the lurk. One sometimes hits a sleeping tiger at such places. After big meals, the tigers then sleep so deep that one can approach them except for short distance "safe". Safe however, did not ought one whole in such a way verbal may occupy, because one should know nevertheless what one makes there, that is be an expert.

As last, I would like to still say a couple of words for the circle of friends of the tigers with booty. On account of behavior of house cats toward their booty, in particular playing with booty, do many people of it go out that tigers also care for this. This behavior next to the house cats is a Ueber reflex of the cat onto the catch of an animal. Many booty animals also have effective defense mechanisms and can also add damage the cat. Around this to prevent in a attempted manner the cat with her paws booty bemused and/or unconscious hit before the killing bite applied is. Since house cats are not accustomed to coursing for usual, they react over-anxiously. They can not judge the danger of her booty and can hit it so more often too necessary as it would be (the booty animals are sometimes hit dead and after this first with the killing bite more ritually killed). One finds this behavior extremely rare next to wildcats. Only next to nut cats one can observe it, not want kill directly this booty caught sometimes there but her junior staff these techniques may want teach.

Because all cats in the "free" hunting ground and with safety are also the tiger, the finding out mostly and trick rich hunters are, one can not observe this kind of "error behaviour" (no doubt, dilettantism is too much of good) there. I would like to hereby complete my description of hunt behavior of the tiger. Should still have forgotten question be available or I something what should without fail still find mention, you then send simply a mail to me!

© 2002 by Marc "Shir Khan" Meiner